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Minggu, 04 April 2010

inspiring you

You are like a sparkling in the sky
When the dark is coming down on me
You are like a star
Fell down to the earth, and come to my life, to my arms
So sweet, so special...
This is incredible thing for me

You are like a smooth winds
That bring me the smell of a thousand flowers
Run and come to me
It's so touched...
Touched in my heart and my soul, in the deep inside

You are like the sun
Who gave me the shiny in my mind
When the real dark is really live in my life
You have come with your lights

You are like the moon
Who always shone in my night with your cools smile

You are very priceless for me
You are never be the same
You are a different charm for me
Filled in my mind and all my activity, in all my days

You are like the marvels for me
Everythings are good and sweet with you
Although you were born from the wind flows, but you have really means to me
You are can to be my views and my feelings
I can see you, but I can felt you
Eventhough I can't touched you, but you have made me happy and made the sorrows when you are not arround...

My bandung, I luv my beautiful rain...

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