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Rabu, 14 April 2010

this night

i don't know why, that this nite i'm just woke up from my sleeping tight, and suddenly, i just remember you... this is sound a classic thing, i think so, but i can't do anything about my mind and my hard feelings... so, i'm writing here bout my nite for this moment.

i can hear the song of the wind at this moment, and i can enjoy with all my heart, all the things what happening in this time, in my nite. my eyes can't sleep anymore, coz my sleepy was gone, and my feeling can see that you are here, with your charms, your smiles, and your soul.
now, let me guess what you doing too. i'm sure with my feeling, that you're doing some jobs and some tasks, or you aren't have time for yourself to get a quality for rest. but i hope, that now, you were sleeping with your sweet dreams in your great nite.

through the line, i can see what you do, what you thinking about, and what you wants.
through the line, i can feel so happy with you and everything can to do to me. i love this moment. i love how you treat me, anyway.
i can remains all about you that you are the best thing for me.
through the line, i want to pray for the peaceful of the world, especially for you, for your health, your body and your soul, that you might be always do the best from the best there are. can do the best in everything can do, just for yourself, whatever, whenever, and wherever you are.

please make the peoples in your environment always be happy just because of you.
with your smiles, you must to be the nice person for each others.
with your love, you must be lovely.
with your care, you must to be a sensitive person for helping your sesame in every your way, wherever that you are.
with your great capability, once again, you must to be the best, not to be number one, and always keep your responsibility in every step you made.
with your brain and your smart, you must to prove that you can build something priceless for you and for others, for your job at isolated area, and many more districts which need your reach help in all situations.

with my prayers for you, i hope that can make you to be stronger than yesterday, that will accompanying you in every your steps in your life, can make the breath for your words, that you can say, for your behave for your kind behavior, for your thinking about everything, and for your better wisely in all your day, forever... amen...

my bandung, my heart will on and on for the prayers
in the middle of my nite, 01.10 am... at 14042010

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