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Minggu, 23 Mei 2010

do not too late to apologize

In all of the relationships, whatever they are, always give the inspiration for me. Because, from there, I can learn in the deep, about behave and behavior. Can learn from the mistakes, if there are.

One of the relationship what I want tell is between mother and her daughter.

Once upon in her daughter time, she knew what her mother do. She always to be a creditor for the people who need her money, with high interest.

It takes a time for her daughter, to give a suggest for her mother. It takes a long time, to do something for her mother.

Finnaly her daughter found the good time to give a suggest to her mother, for do not play in this game anymore. You know, that the high interest can make our life is full of the fire, always feel hot in all situations and conditions, in all what we do.

In that morning, her daughter going to her mother residence. And, the neighbors can hear what her daughter talked about. In her high voices and angry, she has talked with her hands hit to the table.

I can understand how her mother felt. I knew that her mother heart can might be broken with her daughter behavioral. I understand too, that her daughter also have a good purpose for her mother. But, she has a wrong ways to give a suggest for her mother. She hasn't give her mother suggest with a great affections, but with an angry, and made her mother heart is broken.

Since that day, the good relationship between them to be very bad. Her daughter always be hate with her mother and she don't want to meet her mother anymore, and don't want make to apologize first, before her mother done.

I think, there is not wrong, if her daughter to do apologize first to her mother. Because, her mother has had an old age, and maybe no time again for apologize to her. We haven't even know when her mother will passed away, because of her age and her health. The important thing is can forgiving and to do apologize first. However, she always to be her mother, till the end of the time.

Bandung, hope I haven't a fiendish heart for my sesame, forever...absolutely no..!!

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