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Selasa, 11 Mei 2010

Social Responsibility

In my life, whoever called me sis, all around who loving me with caring and the best attentions.
Someday, one of them needs some money because of the things happened to her.
Inside of my heart, there is an emphaty for help her, but in another side, we all knew that she always can't to pay it. However, we have a good heart for remaining her to pay it. So, we won't to have the financial business with her. We almost decline her if she needs some money from us, include our madame.

For a while, the bell is ringing, and my madame - we always called her with madame, because she is might be an advisor for us, in one of cooperation.
My madame told me that I must give some money for her. So, I asked to my madame, about the possibility if she can't pay the money as she has promised to my madame.
But, my madame said and wisely, "no problem, Wind.. You can give my money to her, and if next month she can't pay it, you must debt from my saving," "oke madame, I will take that money for her," I said.

One decision to help someone who needs our helping. But, sometimes it takes time to think of. In order, the goodwill.
We must keep hard the trust of the people who around us.
But, the heart of my madame is the winner. Because she would give her money for her, although she knew that the risk is it will not be back again. Uupps... Maybe yes, perhaps no... Lol...

Bandung, my madame has taught me what she did is the kind of the social responsibility. And always try to do the best, whatever can happen.

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