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Kamis, 06 Mei 2010

the simple conversations

One day, in the afternoon of Sunday, I met my friend from India, who have along time I didn't hear about him, from this line. So, the conversations between us can directly to say hello, and asked the newest for each other.

Suddenly, I remembered about Jay Ho song, and then I asked him about it.
"What the meaning with Jay Ho?"
"Jay Ho mean YOU ALWAYS FINE IN EVERY FIELD OF YOUR LIFE..." answered him.
"Wow, it's great meaning... It's just like the blessings words and prayers," that is my opinion when he explained about my question.
Finally, he told me too about Jay Ho song. About the singer and written by. I knew too that he loves that song, because he said that Jay Ho song is fine ear, and of course so do I. And I told him that I'm always feel exciting when I hear this song. So, that is can guide me what the real mean it. Like the prayer for me and everyone who listen Jay Ho.

Then, he also asked me, which is made me very surprised. It's all because of my message status is "thanks for my honey dew"
"Who is dew? I mean, dew is HE or SHE?"
I just can smile for the last question from him.
"Dew for me is HE, and he is really mean to me" I said.
"Why I asked you that, because my girl friend have the same nick name with yours. Dew. She has the long name, but I called her with Dew. She is from Jakarta, and on last January I met her in Jakarta. Where are you living?"
"I'm living in Bandung"
"Oh, nice... I've ever been to Bandung also. Bandung is a beautiful city. I like your city,"
"Of course! Bandung is the fashion city and you can taste many delicious of culinary,"
"Yes..exactly. Bandung is also a cool city, I think..."

The nice conversation, I think. Although the conversation is short and simple, but from this, I found something and that's really mean to me. For a long time ago, I'm searching about mean of Jay Ho. I found a little, so I'm still have that question in my mind, and finally I've got the real mean of Jay Ho. I feel happy, because I've got a fresh news, that my friend have a long distance relationship with the girl who live in Jakarta.
It can proven, that the world is really small. We often finding someone who we know, then he have knew that we knew too, which we haven't yet known before. And, I'm so proud that he really love to Bandung.

My Bandung, in a fact you are the beautiful city for the world too... Bandung Everlasting Beauty

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