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Sabtu, 08 Mei 2010

Every Hours

In every hours...
Oh no, I can't count it!!!
Maybe, in every minutes?
Or, in every seconds?
No... No...
Its an uncounted things!
But, I can't understand that's why to be an uncounted things.

I'm a weak and I'm so tired to count it
When I'm down
When I'm happy
When I'm hurts
When I'm sick
When I'm crying
When I'm smile
When I'm sad
When I'm give and accept
When I'm not to be a great thing for you
When I come and go
When I've bless

My mind and my soul too smallness
But I'm not a small-minded person
Its a natural things
Everything can be happen to us in every ways
I wish may God bless us everyone and everywere to do the best in this life...

Bandung, I won't to think of an uncounted things anymore

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